Sound Reduction

We have solutions for reducing the sound transmission through your existing windows.  In many cases we can upgrade your existing windows to sound reducing windows.  Where possible, this is a cost effective solution that does not require removal of your window frames.  If your windows are able to accept the thicker and heavier glass, we will remove the existing insulated glass and replace it with new insulated glass units consisting of laminated safety glass on one or possibly both sides.  The laminated safety glass is a sandwich of 2 individual glasses that contains a clear plastic interlayer polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that bonds the 2 glasses together invisibly.  This can be extremely effective in reducing sound transmission (and as a bonus it is very effective as well at reducing the sun’s UV light which can cause damage to carpet, flooring, artwork etc).  Don’t worry, if your current windows cannot be upgraded, we may suggest replacement with a newer window or installing a secondary interior sound-reducing window in front of your existing window.  We even sell acoustical gasketing systems.

With our background in Mechanical Engineering, we understand the science behind acoustics and what can and cannot be done to satisfy your requirements for sound reduction.  Call us for additional information.

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